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The amount of time individuals are spending on devices is ever increasing. We are living in an age where technology is such an integral part of our everyday activities. Accountable2You offers detailed reporting on the amount of screen time an individual spends on each device! Activity is broken down by each app in a color […]

We have recently released a brand new update for our Mac version. This update has fixed a few bugs from past versions and introduced some new features that we didn’t have before. So what’s new? New Family Account Setup – Upon registering the app, family account owners will now have the option to quickly and conveniently […]

What does an accountability partner do?

  When it comes to a tool that is both useful and dangerous, there is perhaps no greater dichotomy than that of the internet. We live in a world that demands to be connected, and it becomes a necessity for our schooling, our jobs, and even for staying connected to loved ones. The possibilities are […]

When you mention “accountability software” to someone, one of the first questions you are likely to hear in return is, “What is that and what does it do?” Perhaps you also have the same question. In an age where accountability is often seen as an inconvenience or a punishment, it is important to consider the […]

  Being accountable on the iPhone/iPad has been a challenge for many iOS users. The challenge is due to the way Apple has designed their operating system (iOS). As a provider for the iPhone/iPad devices, we have seen the issues with providing a solution for this device upfront. So what’s the big deal? Why can’t you have complete […]

Being accountable while using your Windows PC is a wise decision in this digital age. There are two main types of monitoring: router based or software based (a program you download and install). Router based software monitors all Internet traffic and rates activity by the domain name. Router options are hard to find and generally […]

  Happy 2017! We are starting off the new year with a much needed update to our email reports! We have made a number of updates while keeping all of the content from the old reports. For starters, the email report summary now clearly shows if there is anything questionable with a device. You can click […]