We have recently released a brand new update for our Mac version. This update has fixed a few bugs from past versions and introduced some new features that we didn’t have before.

So what’s new?

  • New Family Account Setup – Upon registering the app, family account owners will now have the option to quickly and conveniently select which family member the device belongs to, so that it is immediately registered to the appropriate family member. This will help to eliminate time and confusion with the registration process for families.
  • App Exclusion List – The application exclusion feature has been available for some time on our Windows and Android software versions, and now it is also available for Mac! This is a great tool for users who may have legitimate privacy concerns for things such as corporate e-mail accounts, banking programs, etc. The app exclusion list works by selecting applications you want to exclude from monitoring, after which the software will inform your accountability partner(s) that those specific apps have been excluded. Accessing this feature requires your Accountable2You password, so you can rest easy knowing that only the account owner can adjust these settings. See the final steps in our Mac Setup Guide for help in accessing this feature.
  • Bug Fixes – We made a few adjustments under the hood to enhance the overall stability of the program including more clear installation instructions and eliminating false alerts that occurred sometimes when a computer is improperly shutdown.

Already have Accountable2You? Make sure you’re running the latest version by clicking the “AU” icon at the top of your screen, and select “Check for Updates”.

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